Utilising Drones To Create A Memorable Wedding

Drones have brought a massive change in the field of photography. Wedding photographers too benefit immensely from these flying robots nowadays. But the problem is, most of the people still do not know about the perks of drones thoroughly. They think that drones are best used in business events and for making films. Taking this... Continue Reading →


What Is The Use Of Family Photographs?

Everyday thousands of photographs are taken. But how many of you do understand the meaning of them? Most of us prefer storing the images in our computer or mobile. Thus, little attention is paid to cultural productions, such as photo albums, that have been generated by families themselves. This is why researchers are increasingly studying... Continue Reading →

A New Perspective Of Drones For Film Makers

A year after the Federal Aviation Administration cleared the way for their use by the film and television industry, unmanned aircraft systems are becoming popular tools for directors and cinematographers. Drones aren't yet ubiquitous as less than 10 percent of all productions use them. But their demand is growing rapidly on film sets because they... Continue Reading →

How Are Drones Helping Property Developers?

Drones or UAVs (unmanned aerial vehicles) are increasingly becoming popular in the construction & property development industries. Among the earliest users of these flying robots have been real estate agents who create polished marketing campaigns using spectacular aerial photographs of properties in their listings. However, advertising properties is not the only purpose for which drones... Continue Reading →


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