Amazing Cinematography Tricks for Beginners – Part- 1

Cinematography is the science and art of recording light electronically onto a picture sensor or synthetically on film stock to make a movie. That is the activity of the cinematographer more or less. In case you aspire to be one, you ought to know certain tricks and techniques that professionals in the field apply more... Continue Reading →


Beautiful Birds of Amazon Rainforest Jungle

1. The Hyacinth Macaw   2. Blue Fronted Amazon 3.Scarlet Macaws 4. Spectacled Owl   5. Plum Throated Cotinga 5. Crimson Topaz 5. Oropendolas 6.  Amazon Kingfisher   7.  Yellow Headed Caracara   8. King Vulture Source : Find Reputed Photographer @ Youstudios Photography

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