Utilise The Advantages Of Pre Wedding Photoshoot

When couples look for wedding photographers, they focus on the big day and analyse how the photographer will benefit them . But, the pre wedding photo shoot is often overlooked, and many couples do not even realise that such a thing exists.
Here is a short explanation of pre wedding photo shoot and why it is an important consideration, along with a few valuable tips to make the most of your shoot.


  • So, what is a pre wedding photo shoot?
    When a couple gets a chance to get together with the wedding photographer to have pictures taken, it is called a pre wedding photo shoot. It is planned three to six months in advance before the wedding day, usually at the venue of their choice, to have remarkable clicks captured that last forever. It is also known as engagement shoot and helps the couple to get familiar with each other.

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    What is the purpose of a pre wedding photo shoot?

  • Most of the couples ignore the idea of pre wedding photo shoot. But, there are several important reasons to book a photo shoot as the golden memories are captured in the photos. The images play a role of antiques in the long run. So, what are the additional benefits of pre wedding photo shoot?
  • You have the chance to know your photographer so that you can be more comfortable spending a large portion of your wedding day with the photography team.
  • You can consult with your photographer about your likes and dislikes so that he can get the best idea of your comfortability in front of the camera.
  • You can experience the photographer in action and make sure whether or not he and his team can deliver the right photos on your wedding day. They can help you with the best poses and impress you with celebrity styled photos. If you ever feel that they are unreliable, you can stop hiring at that stage and find a more professional team than the previous one.
  • You can be benefited with some beautiful and natural images of yourself and your partner. Your pre wedding photo shoot can also be held in your home, lawn, or on the rooftop to achieve a natural look.


Do you still think that pre wedding photo shoot is a wastage of time and money? The above points make it clear that opting for such a photo shoot can make your wedding ceremony a memorable one.


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