Everything About Cinematography

When it comes to recording films and videos, you may come across some confusing terms. These must be clearly understood so that you can choose the right professional.


What is Cinematography?

This is a good question. Cinematography refers to professional shooting with improvised cameras and crews. It is much like story telling and captures every moment of an event. The professionals create film that contains precious moments of one’s life.

Free photo Cinematography Camera Video Video Realization Tv - Max Pixel

What is Videography?

On the contrary, videography refers to professionals shooting on small scale along with capturing of images. This field does not require a crew or other instruments like the ones involved in cinematography. Generally, videographers are camera operators who work alone or with a small crew.

Advantages of hiring cinematographers

  • Cinematographers are generally hired for wedding events. This is because, a video provides more sensible memories than a picture does. Most of the people admit that a wedding video is more entertained than still photos.
  • They are experts in video shooting and know the appropriate angles. They capture the important incidents of a wedding ceremony and attach them through a video editing software which is professionally used in film production. They may even apply different transitions and effects in a video and thus, the final result looks like a complete movie.
  • Professional and reputed cinematographers always work with a pair or two of extra cameras. In case the primary one fails, the shooting will not stop but be recorded with those back up cameras.
  • They are masters in the art of capturing different images and can combine them in the video while editing.
  • The video shooting is not just focused on the bride and groom, but also pays attention to their relatives and friends to make the entire movie memorable. Some cinematographers also add a few scenic landscape essentials along with the wedding venue to make a perfect wedding video.

All these components add more taste to a video and make it entertaining.

Use of Drones in Wedding Ceremonies

Drones are the next generation of photography. Hence, couples who opt to use drones in a wedding event benefit immensely from the flying robots. Drones are themselves a matter of entertainment and thus, adding them in the moment of love help both guests and couples can make everyone feel excited. Drones change the dimension of the wedding. They provide different angles from the top and capture the entire venue to give an original Hollywood styled movie.

So cinematography is the best option for making a wedding event memorable with numerous technologies and benefits.


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