The Origin And Explanation Of Drone Photography

Managing and monitoring various landscapes and its incidents require proper surveillance over large spacious areas. Going back to the early nineteenth century the art of aerial photography was introduced by the French army during the First World War. They used to capture images of different enemy positions and land features in the form of bird’s eye view through an airplane.

Benefits of Airborne Photography

This same concept has grown and advanced to this day with assessing and mapping crucial elements on earth. Today, aerial photography is ideal for studying a region’s topography. It can be done through helicopters, airplane and drones. But generally, drone is the most popular way of aerial photography. It helps people to determine the geographical condition of a property as well as its layout planning. Sometimes, aerial photography also benefits a land owner whose operational area consists of several kilometres or miles.

Is it Legal?

Well, aerial photography is considered legal as it does not involve trespassing or photographing any other person’s property. However, the reach of such aerial cameras may be limited to certain strategic positions for the purpose of safety and security.

Why Drones are so popular?

Drones are preferred by most professionals as they are the easiest method of capturing various images. This method is also cheaper than other methods. Moreover, focusing closely on a property or some acres of land can be easily done with a drone. As the drones are user friendly and cost effective most of the filmmakers have started using them to enjoy the stunning footage of an outdoor shooting site.

Drones are useful in the field of disaster control. A drone can easily reach a location which is inaccessible via foot. The rescue operation becomes much easier for the life saving team.

Different forms of Images

Oblique – An oblique image is usually taken at an approximate degree of 45 for a better view of the landscape or its features. It provides depth and a wider context to the captured image. Oblique photographs are best taken during the time of winter. This is because, the sun rises at a lower level and casts longer shadows over the subject. This makes the visibility much easier with contrast.

Vertical – A vertical image is the most popular form of drone photography. It provides a good impression of the variation of a land or a property. Vertical aerial photographs can be taken at any climatic conditions, generally due to the 3D effect and the depth enjoyed from top.

In today’s world drone photography is helping a number of individuals in many different ways. Its main objective is to give topographical success for all types of campaigns.


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