Different Cameras Used In Film Production

In the arena of film production, there is a wide range of tools and equipment used by the professionals to capture high quality & professional looking videos. Right from lights up to video cameras, every tool of the trade is available in various forms with the experts, who make use of each device strategically to get the best outcome.

As such, it is quite safe to say that film production pros pack in several different types of cameras in their arsenal. And the most popular ones have been discussed below in detail:

Mobile Phone Cameras

It might sound very awkward, but the market out there is getting flooded with cell phones from brands like Samsung & Apple having cameras that can capture 4K videos like a piece of cake. They enable capturing of decent footage through inbuilt image stabilisation, and the videos taken can be edited as well as uploaded from the device itself. In addition to that, they also provide the benefit of minimal investment.


Mirrorless & DSLR Cameras

The greatest plus factor of DSLRs is that they can be used for capturing extremely high quality pictures as well as 4K/HD videos. Besides that, a professional also gets to use interchangeable lenses for making the best use of the camera. They serve as options to shoot small commercial work, independent films, music videos and web serieses with. But the professional using one of them must know how to control various features like shutter speed, ISO, white balance, framing and focus.



Camcorders are more than perfect for shooting footages that do not require variety in camera settings and technical adjustments. They generally incorporate an autofocus and an inbuilt zoom, along with LCD touchscreen monitors. The most beneficial aspects of camcorders are their ease of usage and portability. They also have integrated microphones for capturing decent quality audio.


Broadcast & Professional Video Cameras

These film production weapons are suitable for use by advanced professionals exclusively. Not only do they require the user to have a sound idea of basic shooting fundamentals, but also knowledge about video codecs, audio levels and colour grading. Setting them up properly necessitates a viewfinder or monitor, suitable lenses for camera mount, battery packs and other types of support gear.

So when you are having a word with the film production team that you hired, you can ask questions about these camera equipment to get more familiar with the stuff that they would be using.


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