Getting Your Modelling Portfolio Done Right

Modelling Portfolio
Opting for a modelling career is a tough choice. And you can make it all the more difficult if you do not have a portfolio. Fortunately, creating a proper portfolio is not so problematic. A portfolio can make all the difference between getting a job, ruining an existing one or even losing it. Modelling portfolio in Sydney requires these two major steps to grow further in the fashion world.

1. Determining your modelling type 

In the fashion world, there are many options of modelling available. Some of them have some specific requirements in terms of skill and physical appearance.
modeling portfolio3

Live modelling – Live modelling does not have much any specific physical requirement, but obviously, it necessitates a personality to fit in. Live modelling is used in trade shows, shopping mall or at any other places. The main motive of it is to promote a product or brand. Live modelling often requires interaction with people and thus, the model must be a good communicator.
modeling portfolio2

Fashion modelling – This is the most common type of modelling. As we get to see on the TV channels and at various fashion shows, fashion models need to have a decent height of at least 5’8” to 5’10”. They must not be bulky or inflated also. When it comes to looks, a wide range is acceptable.

modeling portfolio

Print modelling – Again this type does not require any specific physical need. It can be anyone with a bit of smartness. The models appear in magazines, advertisements and newspapers. It can be anything from swimsuit modelling to defining a specific role like that of a sportsperson, doctor, housewife, etc. The physical requirement depends upon the type of advertisement needed.

Body part modelling – This type of modelling exhibits a certain part of the body like hair, face or leg. You know yourself well, hence, you choose to show that part which is the best in your body. If you are a hunk, show your muscles, if you have a long, straight and shiny hair, then you can choose to show your hair.


2. Hiring a photographer 

The portfolio does not end here. It is important to hire a professional photographer who has the best idea of giving posture, angle and dressing sense. The best professionals can even make the photos appear brighter with some realistic editing. A fashion photographer stands as the best friend of a model in the world of fashion. He or she provides suggestions to choose dresses that work best along with attractive accessories.

Creating a modelling portfolio with a fashion photographer is an essential necessity for any aspiring model, who wishes to hustle towards making it big in the fashion industry.

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