Everything About Cinematography

When it comes to recording films and videos, you may come across some confusing terms. These must be clearly understood so that you can choose the right professional. What is Cinematography? This is a good question. Cinematography refers to professional shooting with improvised cameras and crews. It is much like story telling and captures every... Continue Reading →

The Work Of An Event Photographer

Event photographers are professionals who specialize in capturing snapshots of important and large-scale events like corporate meetings, shows, athletic competitions, etc. Their primary objective is to always catch the highlights and feelings of gatherings through pictures, be it for personal or promotional use of their clients. They can even create a business out of their... Continue Reading →

Different Cameras Used In Film Production

In the arena of film production, there is a wide range of tools and equipment used by the professionals to capture high quality & professional looking videos. Right from lights up to video cameras, every tool of the trade is available in various forms with the experts, who make use of each device strategically to... Continue Reading →

The Origins Of Aerial Photography

The first man to design and develop the physics of photography was Leonardo da Vinci, one of the greatest inventors to have ever existed. However, his ideas were not transformed into reality until after a few centuries, when the chemicals needed for photography came into existence. The first picture was captured some time during the... Continue Reading →


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